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Play for Others

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5 Steps of Play for Others on

Earn 30% Commission on Stake

On Play4others you place BET for people in your communities, Area, City, State, School, neighbourhood & ETC and they get (RECEIPT / TICKET) like Shop and you will EARN 30% Commision on Stake.

Once your staker WINS, We Paid Winning Directly into your STAKER BANK ACCOUNT! Not 9japredict account.

You can use your 9japredict account to play for Many People as possible as you can.

No Shop needed, No application Fee Needed ...... Just Be A Member Of 9japredict & click on Play4others & Start Playing for People.

The People you are Playing for those not need 9japredict account, We pay there winning Directly into there BANK ACCOUNT as Provided on the TICKET. You give them Code as there Ticket which can be check online without Login or send receipt to there Email. There is no Need to Present there Code Ticket to anyboby or anywhere once they win they Get there money into there Bank Account within 30 minutes to 2 hours .......

No Story we paid INSTANTLY


1. Login with your username.

2. Select the matches your customer / friends / neighbour want to PLAY.

3. Goto the BET SLIP after Finishing selecting & click PLAY 4 OTHERS.

4. Fill in your customers Details & Submit

5. Once bet is sumbitted give your customer the BET ID NUMBER as receipt or send it his/her email.

6. Your customer can check the ticket online without login. Tell him/her to goto our home page any time and enter BET ID & PHONE NUMBER & click Get detail

7. We Pay winning TICKET within 1 - 3 hours into customer account

8. 30% Commission is paid instantly into user 9japredict main account instantly. And Winning Directly into player Bank account

5 STEPS OF Play for Others

To start earning 30% commission on Stake follow this 5 steps.
1. you must be a registered member of

2. There must be fund in your account , minimum stake on Play4others is N100 and payout is N2000.

3. On Play4others you must include player Bank detail as it is provided on the Receipt/Ticket because we pay winnings directly into player bank account not 9japredict account.

4. After Staking you give your Player the receipt code or send receipt to player email. The Player can check the status of the matches on our website without login and can also view the matches details in his/her email.

5. When your Ticket/ Receipt Won we pay you instantly into your Bank Account as provided on your Ticket no need to call us or send mail or Visit the person that play the bet , We Paid within 30 Minutes to 2 Hours , Payout from N2000 and above.

6. Play4others 30% Commission is paid instantly in 9japredict account instantly and it is withdrawable. how to calcualte 30% commision on Stake . Example if your Total stake in a Day is N100,000 & Winning is N90,000 , your 30% will be only on stake which is N100,000 of 30% = N30,000 i.e you get N30,000 into your account as Profit.

NOTE : Please click here to check commission structure (........)